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Masks of Plaster



This art lesson is for any students that has no, little or a lot of interest in art. It is a hands on 3D lesson where students are not only going to come home with an amazing piece of art, but also learn about acrylic paint, brushes, plaster of paris along with other art supplies.The students will each make a mold/mask of their own face using plaster cloth, also called plaster gauze. Students will have to help each other and work together in teams to make this happen. When all the molds/masks are finished, it is up the each individual’s imagination and creation to decide what they want to make their mask into. It can be anything from an animal face, to a monster’s head or a mardi gras mask. I will show them numerous of examples and they will also have the option of making their artwork into a relief sculpture. There will be no limits.

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