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Girl Scout Mosaic


This is what my daughter's Girl Scout Troop did as their Bronze Award project.
When my daughter first joined Earths Magnet School in 2012, I went for a walk in their beautiful garden. I came across a big round concrete slap in the middle of the "California’s four region garden", and right away I thought to myself that this place would be a perfect place for a giant mosaic.
Now two years later.......
Cracking Plates

Lots of plates and tiles had to be smashed into small pieces and sorted out.


In order to be able to reach we started grouting after finishing the "center piece" of the compass.

This is how we went along over and over again all the way.

We cracked tiles and plates, laid them down into big sections then grouted.

Laying down the tiles

First the girls drew the design with pencils. We chose to place a big green gecko in the middle because this is Earths Magnet School's mascot.

Then the broken tile pieces were laid down like a giant jig saw puzzle before glued down with light set one by one.

Working and Socializing

It has been great for the girls to work together with this project. At times it has been frustrating and tedious but they have all seen what can be created if you are patient, and working together.

All the girls have spend many hours of their summer vacation to work on this amazing project.


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